Fee Structure

Admission fee for Bangladeshi Students

  a) Admission fee
Tk. 13,90,000.00
  b) Intern allowance
Tk. 1,20,000.00
Tk. 15,10,000.00

**All the financial transaction with this college is to be made by Pay order/DD in the name of Sylhet Women's Medical College

Fees structure (Tuition fee):
  Tuition fee:Tk. 8,000.00 Per month (Upto final year).


Hostel Fee

  a) Hostel Establishment Fee (Non-refundable):
Tk. Tk 30,000/-
  b) Monthly Rent (Including service charge):
Tk 2500/- or Tk 3000/-


Fees for Foreign Students:

Student can pay all installment at a time.
  a. One time development fee:
US$ 10,000.00
  b. Admission fee
US$ 4,000.00
  c. Tuition fee (210 x 60 months)
  d. Other fees
US$ 3,900.00
  e. Hostel Establishment fees
US$ 500.00
  f. Hostel Rent
US$ 3000.00
  Grand Total (USD) for Regular Student
US$ 34,000.00


Mode of Payment:
  a. At the time of admission:
US$ 14,000.00
  b. Within 1st Week of July (Same Academic year)
US$ 4,000.00
  c. Rest US$16,000 will be paid in 08 equal installment at the rate of US$ 2000.00 after 06 months interval.
d. Student can pay all installments at a time (Optional)