General Rules for students

All students will have to attend in classes with white Apron with their identity card lodged in their neck.

Class attendance 80% (Eighty percent) mandatory to appear in College and University Examination. Student found absent from classes for a continuous period of one month without satisfactory reasons or prior permission, Shall loose college studentship. A student may get readmission by paying re-admission fee.

Pasting of posters on the walls of the college and the hospital building and or hanging of posters in the campus will be considered punishable.

Closing of College & Hospital gates of doors of the College and or the Hospitals departments and creating obstacles to the normal functioning of the college and or the Hospitals are acts of gross indiscipline and students involved in such acts are liable to be expelled from the college.

Absence from classes individually or in group or in mass without prior information / without valid reasons are punishable by imposition of daily fine of tk-100/-individually. Guardians will be informed of such acts.

Students will state their problems/ grievances/inconveniences to their teacher Guide. The Guide will solve the problems of the students himself for herself or will refer them to principal. Statement of the problems/ grievances Inconveniences by the students must be in an orderly and disciplined manner. Any act in indiscipline on the part of any student including usage of abusive words or objectionable words and sentences, will make the students liable to be punished by expulsion from the college.

Every student shall procure all the prescribed text books, dissecting instruments, medical equipments etc. The college will not supply these to the students.

Students will be allowed to use the library. Books will be issued for the students only for reading in the library.

Residential students must have to follow the rules and regulations imposed by the authority. Any Violation of rule or rules is punishable.Sunset law will be strictly followed.

Discipline and moral value:

✓ Students are expected to maintain high standard moral values in there academic and private lives.
✓ Smoking, addiction, gambling will be strictly prohibited and liable to be punished.
✓ Violence, use of vulgar language or creating unpleasant situation in the college campus is prohibited.
✓ Those who are found involved in antisocial activities or violation of college discipline are liable to punishment up to expulsion from the college.

Leave of absence:

For illness or other un avoidable reasons if a students fails to attend the scheduled classes, leave of absence will be allowed provided the student concerned produce an application from parent / legal guardian with medical certificate of illness.

Participation in extracurricular activates:

✓No student will be allowed to participate or incite other to take part in the activities of political parties in the College Campus.
✓"Student welfare council" Formed by the College Authority will guide and control the extracurricular activities of the student.
✓College Authority will not be responsible for any mishap happened to individual student out side college campus.